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Bud's Customs drop boxes, the highest clearance 3-4" lift drop box available on the market for the Nissan GU Patrol and Nissan GQ Patrol.

The total height from top of chassis plate to the lowest point is just 80mm, siginifcantly less than many other brands. The revolutionary Buds Customs tapered profile minimises the possibility of getting hung up off road.

We have been manufacturing this design for years now and are fitted in everything from tourers to competition trucks. We are fussy about the final finish and our attention to detail starts right from when the first weld is made. Don't be tempted to purchase a cheaper product with less clearance when the Buds Customs product is tried and proven both on and offroad.

These drop boxes feature:
8mm & 6mm 250GR Steel Construction
High Tensile M16 Bolts & Nyloc Nuts Supplied
Drop Boxes are Sand Blasted then powder coated in a satin black finish.
Has slotted cross member holes to allow for variations in the chassis
Has a slot for allowing room for the rear bush washer to move without hitting the box.
100% Australian Made

Why Install Drop Boxes to your Nissan Patrol?

  • They are a cost effective method to correct caster and restore correct wheel alignment to suspension lifted Nissan Patrol.
  • They are superior to caster bushes which cost up to $180 a set. Caster bushes have limited life and a harsher ride due to the offcentre bush.
  • Drop boxes prevent binding of the radius arm rear pin which means you will get longer life from your mushroom bushes
  • They also provide increased suspension travel when correctly set up.

Can I fit them myself?

Of course. Allow about 3 hours to fit them at home. No special tools are required but it is recommended that you do a wheel alignment after fitting them.

What else might I need to consider when fitting Drop boxes?

Many of our clients fit a 4" suspension lift to their Nissan Patrol and then find the ride and handling is  abhorrent before deciding to fit drop boxes. The smart ones fit them when they lift their Nissan Patrol. Some additional components that you might like to consider are:

  • Sway bar link extensions
  • Rear Lower Control arms
  • 4" Springs

Links to products we also recommend you consider are displayed below this listing. If in doubt at all, feel free to give us a call on 07 3133 1660 during business hours and we will be happy to make specific recommendations for your specific application. 

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