Hilux N70 / N80 Vigo Revo Body Mount Chop

Author: Buddy Dryden  

For helping fit larger tyres to your Hilux N70 / N80 Revo or Vigo

One issue when fitting larger tyres to your Hilux N70 / 80 Vigo or Revo is tyre clearance on the body mount. This is a service we offer to local customers and costs $250 for us to do, but we wanted to put the information out there as we see a lot of vehicles come through where in-experienced people have just cut these and left it open.

** As with anything this is just a guide Buds Customs Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for the information given here, please do your own research for your local state laws and always use correct PPE.

This is how your Hilux body mount will look un modified with the mud flap removed.

Next you can see where we cut our body mounts on the chalk lines, we follow the factory edge in the rear side of the body mount and do the same towards the front. 
From here we extend the line at the front up vertically then chalk in a rough line from this corner going back on an angle just kissing past the body mount. This can be seen in the second photo once we have made the initial cuts using an angle grinder.

Once the initial cut is done it is much easier to grind the edge back to make it a nice flat line and ensure to deburr any edges in behind which you won't be able to get to later.

Next step is to make your templates for you fill in patch, we use 3mm mild steel to make our new fill in pieces. Cardboard is the easiest way to do this.

Once you have cut your template out with the steel it is time to fully weld it in, have a wet rag handy to as most times the rubber on the body mount will catch alight.

Next step is grind and sand the welded in piece, spend a lot of time here blending it in and putting a nice radius on the edge prior to painting.

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